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It was considered that the English toy spaniel or otherwise known as Miniature Cocker Spaniel first started in China then later made its way to Europe throughout the middle ages. The dog is actually a cross breed of a Pug and Japanese Chin with the European Spaniels. During the Renaissance period, these dogs are actually throught as dog of the royalties. And one of the popular royalties who fell under its charms is King Charles. This is precisely where the other name ‘King Charles Spaniel’ for this specific breed of dog has gotten. It’s simply tough to resist the appeal of these pets. The truth is, their owner’s lap is the place where they normally feel relaxed. Thus, there isn’t any wonder why in the Cavalier cousins, the gentlest one is Charlie. This makes them to be among the best partner dogs ever.

Soft and wavy coats that are naturally-colored with Bleinheim (red and white, usually with a red ‘thumb print’ on the face), The Prince Charles (black, white and tan) and Ruby (mahogany red) are what Toy Cocker Spaniel has other than its little cobby frames. Their snouts can be similar to those of pugs. One more qualities that they own are straight forelegs, long necks, and sloping shoulders.

Cocker Spaniels are thought to be friendly so that they can easily adjust to the existence of many people. Bringing them around is great when you have youngsters since they can be good play buddies to them. These pets have very good qualities – playful and patient. These pets can even comfort a person who’s having a bad day. That is how great they are in sensing your feelings. In addition, visitors and strangers don’t need to worry as they are naturally good-natured dogs that can go well with strangers. Adding one other dogs or pet to the family is not an issue with this dog since they are expert in making friends. They can never feel jealous to others. Make certain nevertheless that you have bestowed enough care about them as they may feel depress whenever they feel being alone.

Considering that King Charles Spaniel are sweet lapdogs, still their traits of being energetic runs in their blood as they are descendants from a long series of bird dogs. Meaning to say, this pet is very energetic so they need broad space where they can go around. Hence, owning a huge space is a huge aid for this pet to stretch out and run around. Furthermore, leisurely strolling in the playground a great thing for this pet. These dogs can run very quick so you may wish to have a dog leash to keep them controlled.

With at most care, the Miniature Cocker Spaniel can live up to 13 years. These dogs are susceptible to heart problems. Another typical complication that they may experience are ear infections and hip displacement.
If you want them to have a cascading coat, then always remember to give them proper brushing. Grooming them like brushing their fur must be an exercise; two or three times weekly is sufficient. This way, you can keep these dogs far from shedding. On the other hand, never forget to send them for clipping once in a year’s quarter.